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Mausoleums and columbariums

Private mausoleums and columbariums are available for a personalized and dignified cemetery memorial. Please contact us for a quote, which will include size, style, color, and other details. We offer a variety of unique options that will allow you honor your loved one for years to come. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience and discover the difference we can make today.


Take this opportunity to give us a call and explore our selection. We are here to assist you every step of the way.


We perform each step in the installation process ourselves, to ensure that you receive the quality results that you deserve. You can rely on us for expert craftsmanship and dedicated installation services.

Our cemetery memorials come in red, mahogany, grey, and jet black, slant or upright styles, and granite or marble finishes.

Expert care

Our professionals are here to offer you the superior customer service that you deserve from the moment you first give us a call. Allow us to assist you and your family throughout the entire process.

Feel free to come to our compassionate staff with all questions and concerns.

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Private mausoleums and columbariums are available as well by quote only prices. Prices will vary with size, style and color. Come in and see a sales associate for pricing and details. All masoleums and columbariums that you see here are installed by Jones Monument Co.

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